Brooklyn Nine-Nine Print
Brooklyn Nine Nine Art Print

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Print

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Jake: "Boyle, they found one of the stolen paintings at her house."
Boyle: "But she says she didn't know how it ended up there. She's being set up."
Jake: "Framed! Art joke. Continue."

Nobody does it like the Nine-Nine, and this art print for fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the perfect conversation starter. Simply frame it and hang it near the TV! It also makes a great gift for the sitcom fan in your life. This watercolour print features the main characters of Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake Peralta, Captain Holt, Amy Santiago, Rosa Diaz, Gina Linetti, Charles Boyle, and Terry Jefferds. Scully and Hitchcock forgot to show up.

Print is 10x8", unframed, and signed in the bottom-right corner. Printed on 250 gsm super-smooth paper with vibrant HP inks. Prints are packaged in a protective sleeve and shipped in a rigid cardboard mailer. (Note: Print is not watermarked!)



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