"In Omnia Paratus" Aluminum Cuff
"In Omnia Paratus" Aluminum Cuff

"In Omnia Paratus" Aluminum Cuff

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If you watched Gilmore Girls, you know the motto of the Life & Death Brigade, which translates to "ready for anything", was: 

"in omnia paratus"

Rock this aluminum bracelet and be ready for anything, too!  (Side note, Team Logan forever, don't @ me.)  

Please note that each letter is individually hammered in by hand, and we cannot guarantee exact precision in regards to spacing, depth, or alignment... but we think that adds to the uniqueness and charm of a hand-stamped piece! Once hammered, the bracelets are coated in a black enamel to darken letters and shapes, and then polished to remove any excess enamel. 

Add your favourite gemstones to give your bracelet a little extra sparkle - gemstones are 2.6mm Swarovski crystals and one will be added on each side of the quote.  See color chart for available options!

Bracelets are 6" in length and available in three widths (1/4" skinny, 3/8" midi, or 5/8" wide). Other sizes and finishes may be available upon inquiry, and custom orders are always welcome.



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